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A Very Busy October

Let's Talk Plants Plantaflor

Wow! October has been a very busy month over here at the nursery, and we would just like to say that we appreciate all of your support! In addition to expanding our cactus and echeveria inventory, we have had our hands tied packing up large orders from our online wholesale store in addition to hitting the road with our coastal delivery route!

The purpose of our delivery route is to help us move and sell our cactus and echeveria inventory to local plant retailers because those items are harder to ship and are more prone to damage, so we would much rather be sure that our plants are delivered with care. Many of our cacti and echeverias are not available on our online store due to this, but we'd like to share some of our plants in a future blog post.

If you or another plant retailer you know may be interested, please tag them, share this post, or email to request our catalog and to save your spot on our delivery route. Right now we currently deliver around Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, but we could possible expand this project in the future. Thanks again, and we will roll out again on November 11th!

// Minimums still apply. 


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