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How it Works (FAQ)

We are a wholesale supplier of Tillandsias (AKA Air Plants). Here are some buying guidelines that will help inform you on how to order.

1. California customers who haven't purchased from us before:

If located within California you must either:

  • fax over your resale license to (805) 934-0070
  • email a copy to
We will not process orders until that information has been received and verified.

      2. Minimums, Maximums and Multiples

          All products have minimums. Minimums are:
              1. Plants under $2.00 must be ordered in volumes of 10.
              2. Plants between $2.00 and $10.00 must be ordered in volumes of 5.
              3. Plants over $10 can be order singly.
              4. Total order must be over $200.00
              5. Individual Minimums / Multiples on Hard Goods (look for these under the item description)

              If these minimums are not met, you will receive error messages indicating which items need adjustments to meet the requirements.

              The total maximum order possible on the website is $3000. For orders above that you must place an order over the phone.

              3. Inventory

              Since our inventory fluctuates rapidly on an hourly basis, our online store is limited to varieties and items we have larger quantities of (and even those quantities are limited on the website.) For a more comprehensive buying experience reach out to your sales representative, or call us at (866) 458-1010. We are available M-F 7am - 2:30pm PST. To see a full list of products go to our website.

              4. Processing

              • We ship all orders M-F. DUE TO COVID; processing time may vary, as order volume fluctuates greatly. Call to get an estimate on processing time.
              • Online ordering is only for UPS ground and/or UPS 3 Day shipments. If you need expedited options, that do not fall into those categories, please reach out to your existing representative, or call us at (866) 458-1010. We are available M-F 7am - 2:30pm PST.

              5. Cold Weather Shipping

              • We do not cover frost damage on any online shipments. Please add necessary heat packs, double boxes and/or insulation to your cart depending on what the order needs. If the weather is too cold to ship, and you have NOT purchased the necessary packing services required, we will either hold the shipment until weather is permitting, or send you an invoice for the proper shipping services (heat pack, double box, etc). These services must be paid before we ship. You can find cold weather shipping options under the Service tab.
              • Once an order has been shipped, you will receive your invoice via email.
              • You will receive an email from UPS with tracking information once the order has shipped.

              6. Returns and Refunds

              All Claims must be made within 24 hours of receiving product. We do not cover shipping damage done by the transportation carrier. We do not cover frost damage. If we are short on certain items, we will refund you your money prior to shipping. Make sure to review your invoice before reaching out to us about shortages. Since each order is custom, all orders that have been submitted to the nursery, are subject to a 15% restocking fee if cancelled after it has been selected and/or packaged for shipping.

              7. International Orders

              Online ordering is for domestic orders only (excluding Hawaii). All international and Hawaiian orders must be made over the phone because of phyto requirements.

              Thank You.



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