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Spring Season

Rubra Balls Aeranthos Negra 8" Harrisii Infused Rubra Curly Andreana is Back!! Velutina Purple (5-6") Schiedeana Ball with Wire Edithaie Silver Small Intermedia Large Cereicola Large Aeranthos 4" with a Bud Capitata Guzmanoides 5-6" ENHANCED Ionantha Big Green Glabrior Mini Clump Easter Bunnies Floribunda 8" Latifolia Murorum (4-5") Secunda Silver Seedlings Blue Raspberry Kammii 4" Enhanced Ionantha Vanhyninigii 2-3" Enhanced Heart Planters Now Available! Butzii 10-12" Bulbosa 7-8" Stricta Purple Heart 6" Harrisii Terracotta (2-3") Tectorum Peppermint Small Cork Magnet 14" Finished Christmas Wreaths! Houston Dark Pink Large Houston Lite Pink Large Moai Bowls with Xerographica Small Bulbosa (7-8") Concolor...

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New Additions for the Summer / Fall Season

Golden Barrel 3" Click Here to Shop Our Holiday Items           New Upgraded Cactus Boxes! Cactus 2" Assorted Now Available Cactus 2" Now Available in 12 Packs M. Hahniana 2" M. Ernestii 2" E. Oxygona 2" M. Boscana 2" Brachycaulos 7-8" Red Flexuosa Vivipera with a Spike Cholla Black (2.5-3") Funckiana 2-3" Enhanced Tomaselli Extensa Secunda Silver Seedling Bulbosa 6" Funckiana X Andreana 5-6" Usneoides Silver Sage Large Bunches Ionantha Rubra XL (3.5-4") Stricta Green in Bloom Right Now!! Streptophylla 4-5" is Back!                  

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New Additions for the Spring Season

Xerographica Medium (pink hue) Caput X Brachycaulos 6-7" with Natural Color Paucifolia (7-8") with Spike Aeranthos Negra 5" Brachycaulos 4" (Natural Color) Plagiotropica Lavender Mist Capitata Yellow 4" Baileyi 10-12" (fat base)

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New Additions for the Winter Season

Brachycaulos (9-10") Aeranthos X Leonamiana with Spike Juncea X Exerta with Spike Aeranthos Joseli with Spike Schiedeana X Baileyi with Spike Floribunda Cocoensis Ionantha Ecuador Cauligera Caput 8" with Spike Oaxacana (7-8") Ionantha Scaposa with Spike (2 sizes) Houston Dark Pink Offset 5-6" with Spike Inopinata Reindeer Moss Back in Stock!! Houston Hybrid Clump 10" New Cork Displays! 2 Sizes Available!! Tectorum 3" FEB SPECIAL! Ixioides X Aeranthos (Large Form) FEB SPECIAL! Paleacea X (10-12") FEB SPECIAL! Elhersiana 3-4" FEB SPECIAL! ON SPECIAL!!! Houston Lite Pink Clump (5+ heads) ON SPECIAL!!! Brachycaulos (7-8") ON SPECIAL!!! Tenuifolia Emerald 6"  ON SPECIAL!!!...

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New Additions for the Fall Season!!!

Christmas Tree w/Plants Red Hour Glass Springs (Plants Not Included) Hanging Ionantha Ornaments (Enhanced) Holiday Air Plant Stand 2" Holiday Globes (Tectorum) 5" and 3" Wreath 14" Ionantha Scaposa XL (4-5") = Baileyi X Streptophylla PRICE REDUCTION! RARE Chapuensis v. Turriformis Medium Gardneri v. Morro LG Tenuifolia Blue ]Harrisii Terracotta 4" (Enhanced) Stricta Fine w/ Color Marconae Clump Crocata Giant w/ Spike Funckiana Double Header (ON SPECIAL!!) NEW DIY BUNDLE AVAILABLE Aeranthos Bronze w/ Natural Color! Aeranthos Amethyst X Balsasensis XL Aeranthos Joseli Houston Lite Pink Clump (Treated and in Bloom) Stricta Big Flower Flexuosa Suriname Ionantha Ron

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