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About Us

Plantaflor USA, Inc. is a family owned business founded by Gerald Enthoven, a Dutchman who moved his family to the United States in 1982 and left his home behind to start fresh in Carpinteria, CA. Gerald entered the local flower business and soon began his own business venture by importing non-native flowers from Holland. He later expanded his inventory to tropical imports from all over the world, then eventually he specialized his business in tillandsias, or air plants.

We have been actively growing and expanding our selection for over well a decade, and today, our growing company now carries over 200 different varieties of tillandsias, cacti, and succulents at wholesale price. We are extremely quality orientated and we carry only the best variety of standard and rare air plants on the plant market. is our online catalog, but please also visit our original website at for more plant information.



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