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Let's Talk Cacti

Cacti Let's Talk Plants

Our home page estimates that we grow about 100 different varieties of cacti and echeveria, but at this point, we may be well over double that amount. This month on our blog we would like to share some of our unseen cacti, echeveria, and haworthia varieties. 

We have an entire back house filled with thousands of cacti and succulents, however, we are actually unable to sell most of our inventory online due to potential damage from shipping. That is why we tend to sell our potted plants in assorted packs instead of individually, and we also developed a route to deliver plants ourselves locally.

In this post, let's explore our Cacti.

(Top - Down, Left - Right)

Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii

Ferocactus Glaucescens

Mammillaria Gracilis

Opuntia White

Echinopsis Ancostrophora

Mammillaria Fishhook

Mammillaria Boscana

Notocactus Leninghausii

Notocactus Warasii

Mammillaria Matudae

Mammilaria Columbiana

Ferocactus Histrix

Golden Barrel

Pilocereus Azureus

Pilocereus Stetsonia


If you or another plant retailer you know may be interested, please tag them, share this post, or email to save your spot on our delivery route. We will send you a special price list and start rolling out again next month!

// Minimums still apply. Our minimum is $250 per order with a $25 delivery fee. Large orders over $1000 are exempt from delivery fees

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