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Minimums Explained

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Let’s talk about our minimums. We are a wholesale plant nursery that offers unbeatable prices on hundreds of air plant varieties. We've included a few of our lowest prices in this post starting at $0.60 per plant.

We typically sell our products to other plant retailers and often times, we don’t turn large profits per plant as a wholesale business in comparison to retail. Individually, our plants are very affordable, but to make things more worthwhile on our end we have set minimums for online orders.

There is a 10 species minimum on plants under $2, 5 species minimum on plants between $2-$10, and plants over $10 can be purchased singularly. We also have a domestic minimum of $200 for customers in the US and an international minimum of $1,000.

If you are not a plant retailer, know that we still welcome individual customers to shop our online inventory, but our standard minimums will apply. We also welcome individual customers to shop our nursery by appointment only, and the minimum could be waived or reduced.

// Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to email or dm us any further questions you may have!

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