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New Additions - April 2021

Stricta Hardleaf Pink 6" (Enhanced)

Schiedeana Red Large

Schiedeana X Baileyi with Spike (Small and Large Available)

Schiedeana Small with Spike

Scaposa Large

Filfolia XL in Spike

Caput 8" with Spike

Aeranthos X Ixioides 4-5" with Spike

Concolor X Streptophylla Small

Baileyi X Streptophylla with Spike

Edithaie Silver Form

Gardneri v. Morro

Streptophylla X Seleriana

Echeveria / Sempervivum 2" Assorted 36 Pack

Haworthia 4" Assorted 9 Pack

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