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What Are Air Plants?

Air Plants Let's Talk Plants

Air plants are the common name for Tillandsias, a unique family of plants that are capable of growing outside the ordinary boundaries of soil and water. Tillandsias do not always express their roots, so these plants do not require soil and appear to grow from thin air, which is how the common name originated.

Air plants come from several Central and Southern American countries and they grow in a large variety of different shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. Some of the common varieties that we grow here at Plantaflor USA, Inc. include Aeranthos, Capitatas, Ionanthas, Strictas, and Xerographicas.

The very nature of air plants are ideal for the new plant parent because they do not rely heavily on soil and water, but although these plants are very forgiving if you forget to water them, we still highly recommend that you continue to water and care for your air plants. This includes light water or misting, regular pruning, and favorable light conditions.


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